The 5 Best Bread Slicers to Purchase in 2018 – Reviews & Ratings

Nowadays, everybody has modern and contemporary appliances and machines installed in their homes and kitchen so as to make their life easier and to perform smarter work. The kitchen appliances help you to multitask, prepare things faster, and cook effectively. On the other hand, the home appliances deliver the comfort, ease, and relaxation that you require living at home. Owing to this people have started making a lot of things at home, which they previously used to buy from the market.

People have started using bread makers to prepare a different kind of bread at home without the burden of buying it every morning. But, slicing those bread equally without any hassle can only be done with a quality bread slicer. Thus, today we have listed down the best bread slicers that are going to help you in achieving that feat without much of an effort.

Additionally, all the bread loaf slicers reviewed by us provide you with different widths for cutting loaves for specific dishes. Even having a quality chic model is further going to augment the appearance of your kitchen. So, go through these comprehensive bread slicer reviews and catch a hold on one that suits your needs or requirements appropriately.

Best Bread Slicers Reviews

WELLAND Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

Is your homemade bread not getting sliced evenly? We’ve come up with a way out for you people and it’s really stress-free! Cutting the bread using the WELLAND bread slicer can never get more relaxed. You solely require placing the homemade bread into the slicer and move the knife along the spaces provided to prepare an ideal bread slice on every occasion. This slicer offers the facility to cut 3 different breadths, and in case you relish really dense slices you might as well slice the bread in every other space to create an even profuse piece.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Made up of bamboo wood for providing a longer life to the slicer
  • Comes with 3 different groove sizes for 3 different slices of bread
  • Has been designed to fold up easily, hence offers compact storage
  • Completely natural, pollution free, and environment friendly
  • Appropriate to use for homemade bread and bakery for even loaf cakes

BlackHillsbyDesign Better Bread Slicer

This BlackHillsbyDesign’s Better Bread Slicer provides you with an answer for the requirement of improvements within the bread cutting class. Being the eager amateur bakers, we were dissatisfied with the market’s present product’s functionality. The loftier side boards, inventive side panel storing, round slots to make it stress-free to begin a cut, a backstop to assist in holding the bread in position whilst cutting, and bounded slots to clutch the side sections in position throughout the slicing procedure. The bread slicer has been made up of real wood; hence it improves the kitchen’s appearance.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Made up of real wood in spite of the pressed bamboo with glue
  • Comes with the 6 inches high side panels for different loaf heights
  • Crafted out of Ponderosa Pine that won’t dull your knives down
  • Provides you with multiple loaf choices at 3.6”, 4.8”, 6.2” breadths
  • The unit also remains pretty stable during use for uniform slicing

Kitchen Naturals Premium Bamboo Bread Slicer

One more option for a bread slicer is this beauty from Kitchen Naturals. This Premium Bamboo Bread Slicer from Kitchen Naturals is the ideal accompaniment to a kitchen-centric household. With the dimensions of 14” x 8.25” x 1.5”, this bread slicer has been particularly intended to arrive deftly folded using its personal multi-usage tote sack. This splendid bread slicer plays a pretty vital role for your utmost central meals and appears really impressive performing it! This bread slicer further makes a delightful gift for anybody who desires to spend time in the kitchen.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Made up of 100% Natural, Antimicrobial, and Eco-Friendly Bamboo
  • Provides you with the option to choose the desired thickness of slice
  • Comes with a sturdy backstop that gets the bread and keeps it in place
  • Comprises of a textured non-slip feet to grip the kitchen countertop
  • Offers a really convenient inbuilt knife rest so that it can’t be misplaced

The Bread Pal Bread Slicer

This effective slicer from Bread Pal turns it really easy to cut perfect slices! This bread slicer has been crafted out of extraordinary quality making use of all the hardwood faced constituents, American hardwood, and a great solidity polyethylene food safe slicing platform. It has been spring loaded and comes with a firm locking design that is speedy to install with completely no assemblage needed. The slicer also folds up just as rapidly to an extremely minor height of below 2 inches! It comes with a marginally broader cutting platform, which also permits slicing wider bread loaves.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • The All American made Bread Pal Slicer cuts the loaves easily
  • Comes with an inventive spring loaded design for self-locking
  • Doesn’t require any sort of clumsy setup to lock the knife guides in place
  • The bread slicer folds as well as opens really quickly with no assembly at all
  • Crafted using the top-notch materials and a food-safe slicing platform

Bambusi Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

Whilst you’re searching for an ideal slice of bread, this bread slicer from Bambusi is going to help you in doing so. This bread loaf slicer has been particularly intended for fitting a big cutting knife and the bread holder assists in keeping the loaf stable whilst you effortlessly slice through. Regardless of what you require for cutting, this foldable bread slicer might be able to get it done. Ranging from the bread loaves to the cake, you might rapidly and effortlessly get appropriate uniform slices with just one instant cut of a slicing knife. It also rapidly fine-tunes to house 4 different types of bread slices.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Provides you with impeccably even bread slicing at your home
  • Comes with a crumb catching board for keeping the countertop clean
  • The bread slicer folds flat with just a single touch for easier storage
  • Prepared out of all natural bamboo material that is food-safe
  • Equipped for slicing 4 different bread loaf thicknesses for different dishes

Personal Recommendation

As of now we have provided you with all the analysis and reviews that you need before buying or even thinking of purchasing a bread slicer, it might be real easy and quick for all of you to make a choice to fit in your kitchen. Every single bread loaf slicer that we have reviewed above is definitely going to help you to cut even, smooth, and uniform bread slices at home. Not even a single one of the bread slicers presented above has been made up of toxic material, thus your bread or cake is being cut on a food-safe material.

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On the other hand, it there is any use or customer, who still is experiencing a glitch or problem finding out the best bread slicer for their kitchen, then they must readily go with our personal suggestion. The bread loaf slicer that we are going to recommend to our users is the Bread Pal Bread Slicer, which has been made up quality and the best American materials to provide you with a food-safe cutting platform.

With the quality of materials used, this bread slicer is going to be used for quite a long time for sure. In addition, this bread slicer doesn’t even require any clumsy setup as well to lock up the knife guides in their place. So, if you are coming across any problem in choosing a bread slicer, this option from Bread Pal is the way to go.

Bread Slicer – Buyer’s Guide

The most desirable bread loaf slicers that we have described above are the finest since they have been selected following a thorough consideration of the specifications that make for an idyllic bread slicer. Hence, below we have listed down all the features and specifications that we ruminate guarantee that a slicer is going to cut out faultless and continuous slices.

Guided Slots

You might not require cutting the similar size of the bread loaves every single time you prepare bread using the machines. At times we search for customization as far as the loaves are concerned and this is the sole reason why you require selecting a slicer making use of the guided slots. The slots might as well be attuned to slice down different size loaves, which signify that you may cut the bread loaves for toasted bread or any sort of a sandwich or a slice to go along with the soup making use of the same bread slicer. The slicer’s design must be like this to house different sizes of bread.


Not every single bread slicer comes with same size, you require making sure that you select one that is capable of cutting several loaves inside a really small time. Think through the number of bread a slicer might be able to handle at the same time.


We like having tools in our kitchen that would be able to serve above a single purpose such as the juicer/mixer/grinder. The same thing goes while you want to purchase a bread slicer. There are bread loaf slicers that are available and comprises of the distinct humidity bread cases so that you might be able to store the remaining part of the bread after slicing the bread loaves. In case your notion to stock the bread is inside a bag of plastic, then the bread that you store inside that bag will surely get bad in taste real fast. Furthermore, you might not be able to leave the bread unconcealed to get dehydrated. The bread slicers that are versatile might help you in such a circumstance. In addition, there exist brad slicers that come with the crumb gatherers that evade the muddle around the counter or the kitchen countertop.

Build Material

The bread loaf slicers are obtainable in several materials such as plastic, wood, bamboo, etc. The plastic sliver bread slicers are further ergonomic, you require considering if it has been crafted out of strong plastic to be anodyne. The bread loaf slicers that have been made up of wood are massive and even tough to clean. The contaminated wooden bread loaf slicers might be thriving place for bacteria. As stated by the professionals, the bread loaf slicers that have been made up of bamboo are of perfect thickness on top of being resilient to microbial growth.

As a result, when you select a bread slicer you must not judge it solely by its design or the price, but cogitate how laidback and appropriate it is to cut the bread impeccably by means of the slicer.

Top 5 Hand Mixers Online in india – Reviews & PriceList

Who doesn’t like to serve their taste buds with the delightful and tasty desserts or parties? Everyone does! But we suppose that with the increasing desire for desserts and pastries, why should we buy them from the market when we can prepare them fresh at home. To do so, you need a few things such as a quality microwave, a hand mixer, and the ingredients to make it. Therefore, today we have listed down the Best Hand Mixer, which is going to provide you with automated whisking, beating, stirring, and also for kneading when the beater is replaced by a dough hook.

We have enlisted these Hand Mixers so as to make your buying task a bit easier since there are a lot of options available on the market from really prevalent brands. With the features such as different speeds for different recipes, stainless steel strip beater and hooks, superior beating performance, contemporary and compact design, low power consumption, and after-sales warranty, these hand mixers are a must buy. For making your choice smarter, we have also provided a Hand Mixer Buying Guide comprising of the features that you need to check before buying a hand mixer for your kitchen.

Best Hand Mixers in India Reviews

Philips Daily Collection HR1459 300-Watt Hand Mixer

For those of you who are searching for a quality hand mixer at a decent price, this Philips Hand Mixer is surely one of the top options available on the market. This appliance comprises of a dominant 300 watt motor, which provides you with the ideal whisking or mixing without much of an effort. It offers a supplementary control owing to the 5 out-and-out speeds setting for any sort of recipes. This hand mixer is lightweight and intended to offer a lot of power with the speeds that are perfect for stirring, mixing, whipping, and beating.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Allows you to mix or whip with a lot of power and convenience
  • Comes with a powerful 300W motor for ideal whisking and beating
  • Offers you with 5 speeds plus turbo for a diversity of dishes or recipes
  • Comprises of stainless steel strip beaters and dough hooks for control
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer

For making the toughest cookery jobs and mixing, kneading, beating, and whisking a lot easy, this hand mixer from Bajaj is the top-choice. Bake your favorite dishes at the suitability of your house using this hand mixer from Bajaj. It comprises of a fashionable color and design yet powerful owing to the 250W motor. The Bajaj Majesty Hand Mixer offers 3 speeds, chrome coated beater and dough attachment, eject control, cutting/push button, and several other options. Owing to the lightweight, using this hand mixer for any sort of whisking, kneading, and beating is a breeze.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Offers 3 distinct speed modes for superior beating experience
  • Comprises of chrome-plated beater attachments for durability
  • Comes with a compact and contemporary design for expediency
  • Equipped with the powerful 250W motor for dominant operation
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty on the product

Skyline VTL 7043 300W Hand Mixer

Everybody who wants a decent quality hand blender or mixer for making desserts and pastries at the comfort of their home, this Skyline VTL 7043 Hand Mixer is going to provide the best beating and kneading experience for sure. This hand mixer comes with the 5 speeds arrangement, which provides you different speeds for different kinds of recipes. The Turbo Function also been incorporated in this hand blender to process even the toughest of materials with ease. Additionally, it comes with 2 chrome-plated attachment or hooks for beating, whisking, kneading, and whipping.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Powerful 300 Watts motor for easy whisking and beating
  • Offers 5-distinct speeds for preparation of different recipes
  • Provides you with the Turbo Function for dominant whipping
  • The eject button makes for easy detachment of hooks and tools
  • The beaters and hooks are chrome-plated for utmost durability

Black & Decker M350 300-Watt Hand Mixer

For utmost convenience and ergonomic design, this hand mixer from Black+Decker is a sure front-runner. This is a really valuable and handy tool to have in your kitchen comprising of several features intended for your routine requirements. With this tool, you get the impeccable constancy whilst mixing the ingredients with the inbuilt 5 Speed Turbo function power-driven through an effective 300W motor. Obtain the frothiest and lightest of dough, mixes, and batters using this durable and easy to clean Black + Decker Hand Mixer that will further accelerate your cooking smoothly.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Enjoy precision control with the 5-speed with turbo function
  • Provides strong and reliable performance with the 300W motor
  • Comes with a quick beater lock and beater eject button for ease
  • Offers stainless steel dough hooks and beater for better endurance
  • The compact and sturdy design allows for easier storage of the tool

Orpat OHM-217 200-Watt Hand Mixer

For the people who are looking for a hand mixer that has been reasonably priced and offers you with the international design, the Orpat OHM-217 Hand Mixer is the tool for you. This hand blender has been equipped with the 200W powerful motor for easier beating and whipping coupled up with the ergonomically designed handle for more control and balance. It comprises of food-grade stainless steel dough hooks so that the food material doesn’t react with the hooks and attachments. It works on 3 dedicated speeds for mixing, folding, and whisking for excellent power and performance.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Manufactured having a sleek, stylish, and contemporary design
  • Equipped with hygienic food-grade beater and dough hooks
  • Pretty easy to clean since the all the parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with a wall-mountable stand with steel turbo beater tools
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product

Personal Recommendation

With all that being said and done, it might now be really easy and stress-free for our users to select the hand mixer, which is going to match your requirements. All the hand blenders or hand mixers that we have reviewed above are the best ones that you can buy for your kitchen. With the features such as powerful motor, kneading hooks, beating accessories, lockable swivel cord, and many others, these hand mixers offer the best performance and power. Further, all the hand mixers reviewed above come with a warranty cover so that you don’t come across any difficulty after the purchase.

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Even after going through the reviews and analysis, if you aren’t really certain about which product you must opt for, then you must go with the hand mixer that we personally suggest. The hand mixer or blender that we are going to recommend to our users is the Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer, which is going to provide you with dominant whipping, beating, and kneading. This hand mixer has a really ergonomic and premium design comprising of the chrome-plated dough hooks and beater attachments.

Best Hand Mixer – Buying Guide 2018

What are the Features to Consider Prior to Buying a Hand Mixer?

Similar to the other products that you select, the initial thing, to begin with, is the specifications and the features. You need to have a proper idea regarding the newest features and advantages. Listed down are a few important features that you need to consider while buying a hand mixer:


The electric hand mixers or blenders consume in the middle of 200 or 300 watts. In case it is a classic slim mixer, it must comprise of a motor that functions on 200-225 watts. In case the hand mixer that you’ve selected provides you with power that you desire, it might be a decent choice to use in your kitchen. For the professional chefs, there are even additional powerful choices including the hand mixers above 300W motors to mind out of hardest of dough.

Multiple Speeds

Whenever you possess several things to blend together, you require a mixing tool that provides numerous speeds. A decent-quality handheld mixer is going to offer at best 5 speeds, anything above is going to make it perfect for you.

Low Start Speed

In association with the above-described point; a good-quality hand mixer is going to have a suggestively gentle start speed. Precisely speaking, in case the product specs or the manual comprises of info regarding the “low speeds”, then the handheld mixer is going to be capable of beginning slowly. Owing to the slow start, you won’t be experiencing any pointless bespattering of constituents. A few handheld mixers provide you with as many as 3 slow-start working speeds, which is really commendable.


As it is a handheld mixer, the manner in which you grip it, or the manner you are permitted to grip it, counts pretty much in the superiority of blending. Hence, you require making sure that the grip of the mixer’s handle is comfortable. On the market, there are several designs out of which you may select.

A few mixers comprise of those parallel handles and a few handles are marginally slanted. Whilst it rests on your coziness level, we endorse mixer handles that aren’t parallel.

In order to grip the parallel handle, you would require lifting the elbow upwards, which isn’t the case with the slanted handles.

The handles which aren’t parallel not just provide you with a comfortable and ergonomic grip; they moreover keep you away from applying additional force.

Overall Construction

The whole design and construction of any dough or mixture might make or break its status or name. In case you get the seams at the lower end where the beaters are positioned, evade that sort of an item and look out for any other model. The purpose is, whilst sugar, mixing, or dough is going to stick and snare within those seams. This signifies that you are going to require spending ample time while cleaning the seams. In addition, the mixer is going to wear down rapidly.


In the end, any hand mixer with the remarkable design and impeccable construction might as well protect your time while you clean it. The finest hand mixers categorically don’t require a lot of cleaning. You might be able to clean them with a solo moist cloth.

The 5 Best Vacuum Sealers in India 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A majority of people nowadays incline towards buying home supplies, veggies, foodstuff, etc. in bulk and keep them stored for a long time. This might save you the time of buying things again and again yet can give rise to the foodstuff being rotted after some time, which makes it inedible and wastes the money that you had invested on that product. The things that generally become uneatable after a short period of time are meat, veggies, fruits, etc. Hence, finding a solution to this is the need of the hour.

Thus, today we are going to provide you with the reviews of the Best Vacuum Sealers that will help you keep that meat or vegetables freshly preserved for a longer period of time just by keeping them away from contact with oxygen. If you also want to extend the shelf life of your food items at home, invest in the below described vacuum sealing machines.

Apart from that, if you aren’t really familiar with the concept of vacuum sealing and this product, we have provided a comprehensive buying guide to vacuum sealers to deliver an informative insight about the same.

Best Rated Vacuum Sealers 

FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing System

For all the people who want their food supplies to be stored for months and not become inedible; they may now keep the foodstuff fresh for nearly five times more using the FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealing Machine. This vacuum sealer syndicates form and purpose having a smooth, solid design and a real stress-free manual functioning to protect a diversity of food from decay. This machine facilitates lesser wastage of the plastic bags that makes the rolls go really further. Above all, this vacuum sealing machine has been covered by a 5-years limited warranty by the manufacturer.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Preserves you food supplies for up to five times longer
  • Comes with a sleek and compact design with easy operation
  • Particularly designed to curtail the usage of bag whilst sealing
  • Comprises of an accessory hose part for sealing the canisters
  • Covered by a 5-years limited manufacturer’s warranty

Homecube Kitchen Vacuum Sealer

Want to buy a really innovative and multifunction vacuum sealer? This vacuum food sealer from Homecube is a ground-breaking idea of keeping a variety of foods fresh. It eliminates the air away and keeps the food away from moisture. With solely a mild press you might be able to vacuum that foodstuff and seal the plastic bags spontaneously. It comes with a pause function support immediate vacuum supports guard delicate foodstuffs throughout sealing procedure. The machine is just going to take around 4-10 seconds so as to get the food preserved five times more.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Easy to use with the one touch vacuum sealer operation
  • Avoids those freezer burns on frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Also utilized to keep jewelry and appliances away from dust
  • The nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements remain intact
  • Covered by a 12-months limited manufacturer’s warranty

Wintergreen Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Machine

Do you want a budget vacuum sealing machine for your kitchen? Made out of high-stability substance, the multi-functional vacuum machine from Wintergreen is a kitchen add-on and money-saver that functions like an idyllic savior for your home-produced dishes, remains, and massive buys inside the freezer or the refrigerator, whilst eradicating the problem of spoilage and freezer burn. Owing to its minor yet commanding vacuum pump, Wintergreen might be able to slurp the air out and prolong freshness for around 7 times more as compare to the orthodox storage approaches.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Saves you a lot of money by keeping the food fresh for longer
  • Speeds up the marinating process by increasing the absorbency
  • Allows you to prepare and store the food in advance for the parties
  • Even helps you to avoid tarnishing of your valuable items at home
  • Comprises of four distinct modes for delivering optimal sealing

Flexzion Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing Machine

Here is another budget vacuum sealer for all those hunting for one. This vacuum air sealing machine from Flexzion keeps those moist as well as dry foods fresh for a really longer period of time. With the completely automatic simple sealing modes and dedicated buttons along with indicator lights, his vacuum sealer offers the best functionality ever. Want to preserve things other than just food? Check that point too since this machine also helps in wrapping the letters, jewelry, linens, artifacts, etc. to protect them from moisture and dust. All-in-all, it is a safe, effective, and a high-quality appliance.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Avoids the freezer burns and ultimately keeps the moist food fresh
  • Comprises of fully-automatic simple sealing modes for convenience
  • A really secure, highly-efficient, and high-quality kitchen appliance
  • Equipped with a powerful pump motor with additional vacuuming
  • Helps keeping the letters, artifacts, and linens away from humidity

Geryon Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

For all those individuals who want a really lightweight and compact vacuum sealer, this Vacuum Sealing Machine equipped with the ‘4S’ functionality of Space Saving, Foodstuff Saving, Time Saving, and Money Saving will be the best option. Having this vacuum sealer for your kitchen, you will be able to prepare the food in advance and then seal the item to store it for the desired time. Pretty appropriate for preparing the food beforehand for eat al fresco, camp out trips, and chargrills. Further, it helps you in keeping the frozen food secure from any sort of freezer burn.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Eliminates any sort of freezer burn and diminishes spoilage
  • Offers the automatic one touch vacuum sealing operation
  • Preserves the freshness of dry foods like beans and nuts
  • Wraps the household items and valuables to keep dust away
  • Appropriate for storing the food prepared in advance to parties

Best Vacuum Sealer To Buy



Preserves you food supplies for up to five times longer

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one touch vacuum sealer operation

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Comprises of four distinct modes

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Avoids the freezer burns

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one touch vacuum sealing operation

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Personal Recommendation

As we have now completely analyzed an reviewed the Top Vacuum Sealing Machines on the market, we contemplate that it is going to be a real easy task to choose one out of those described above. We are really sure that by buying this kitchen product, you will not just save your money but keep the food preserved for a really longer time without acquiring any sort of freezer burns. Additionally, you may also wrap your valuable and small tools and utensils away from dust and moisture.

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However, if there is a customer or user who is finding it tough to catch a durable and effective vacuum sealer conforming to their needs and requirements, then they should opt to buy our personally recommended vacuum sealing machine. The vacuum sealer that we would suggest our users to but is the FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing System, which provides you with the best sealing performance and avoids the wastage of plastic or bags.

It helps you to keep the food fresh and preserved for up to 5 times when compared to the orthodox packing strategies. Further, it is a really sleek and compact vacuum sealer, which is going to sort all your storage worries. It also allows you to marinate the food within minutes and seal those canisters. To keep you away from all those after-purchase worries, the manufacturers have also provided a 5-years limited warranty on the product.

Best Vacuum Sealer – Buyer’s Guide

What are the factors to consider before buying a vacuum sealer?

Prior to buying a vacuum food sealer for your household, you need to consider some aspects that might guide you to a smart decision:

Continuous Use without Overheating

Whilst the commercial-level vacuum sealing machines offer 100% duty rounds for unceasing operation, a few consumer-rank models necessitate 20-30 minute pauses of stoppage to cool whilst sealing a large sum of items. For the users having lower-volumes, this might not be a concern, but in case you possess a big garden or hunt wild animals, you are going to require a sealer that might be able to function nonstop.

Storage and Portability

Prior you purchase, think through how large the vacuum sealer is going to be and where you are going to stock it amid uses. A few units might as well be kept parallel or vertically to protect some space and a majority of units comprise inbuilt cord wraps and attachment partitions.


Improvements in food sealing expertise have given rise to a modest one-touch working, but verify if your vacuum sealer offers a manual mode of operation for custom control for that packaging of food. A few might even permit you to “seal only” and not eliminate the oxygen out of the bags.


The bottle and jar vacuum sealers are few of the accessories provided with a few models, together with the Tilia vacuum sealers.

The 5 Best Philips Hand Blender in India 2018 – Reviews & Ratings

For the people, who live in small spaces or do not have enough space on the kitchen counter, buying the larger appliances might not be pretty feasible as installation and storage would be a headache. Therefore, they purchase the kitchen appliances that are pretty smaller in size but provide you with plenty of power to get the job done.  Since the summer season has taken its shape and the scorching heat is on our head, a flavorful glass of a smoothie or a cup full of creamy yogurt would be perfect.

Hence, today we listed down the Best Philips Hand Blenders that are going to deliver the finest blending performance and an ultimate power for mix and chop through any hard foodstuff or material. A quality hand blender is what one needs to prepare quite a lot of things in the absence of a mixer grinder at home. Further, it helps you prepare several things such as smoothies, fruit shakes, yogurt, and many egg dishes for breakfast within no time.

So, if you are short of counter space in the kitchen and want a powerful hand blender to conform to your needs and requirements, go through our detailed reviews below to get what suits you the best.

Best Philips Hand Blenders Reviews

Philips Daily Collection HL1655-00 250-Watt Hand Blender

This hand blender from the house of Philips allows the user to rapidly blend bigger amounts of constituents for a time period of around 20 minutes. This product has been ergonomically framed to provide you with a superior grip together with a rust resilient metal arm to blend both cold or hot beverages and dishes. It has been equipped with a specially designed blade assists blending of elements such as boiled dal and spinach, puree, buttermilk, and milkshakes. It further comprises of an extra wall bracket for relaxed storage of the appliance.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of removable blades to deliver easier whisking
  • Offers a powerful 250W motor that processes tough elements
  • Provides a single trigger press which makes it really easy to hold
  • The body surface doesn’t have many grooves to ensure easy cleaning
  • Comes with an additional wall bracket to facilitate easier storage

Philips Daily Collection HR1600-00 550-Watt Hand Blender

Want a quality hand blender at a reasonable price? Equipped with a 550 Watt motor and an exceptionally intended blending foot, the Philips Daily Collection HR1600-00 is going to blend any sort of food materials with a whole lot of ease. This hand blender delivers delightfully smooth end results for purees, soups, and milkshakes. It has been equipped with the hand blender ProMix technology, which is an advanced technique for further steady and quicker blending. The technology makes use of the triangular shape to generate an ideal flow and provides optimum performance.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Pretty easy to use and clean with the removable blending bar
  • Comprises of a single switch for easier usage and convenient grip
  • Equipped with a powerful 550W motor to blend tough elements
  • Comes with a uniquely designed blending foot for advance power
  • Covered by a 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty for after sales service

Philips Daily Collection HR1604 550-Watt Hand Blender

Now preparing healthy homemade food has become really easy. Everyone needs to have a hand blender for their home to prepare impeccably blended purees, soups, and milkshakes. The Philips Daily Collection HR1604 Hand blender comes equipped with the 550 Watt powerful motor and blending foot that has been specially designed. It provides you with the best results with the patented ProMix blending technology. The blending foot has a triangular shape for ideal flow and mixing performance. The single-switch and the slim-grip fit any hand size pretty easily.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers a 2-button release system to removing the blending bar
  • Provides amazing results with the patented ProMix Technology
  • Comes with a 0.5-liter beaker for blending and whisking products
  • The blending bar is rust-resilient and provides long-lasting usage
  • A triangular shape for ultimate blending performance and flow

Philips Daily Collection HR1363 600-Watt Hand Blender

Equipped with a dominant 600 Watt motor, this Philips Daily Collection HR1363 is an effective hand blender that offers power along with amazing durability. This hand blender comprises of the double action blade that cuts the food items both vertically and horizontally. The turbo button on this hand blender provides you with additional power for blending the toughest ingredients. In addition, the hand blender comes with an anti-splash blade guard so that the ingredients or the liquid doesn’t splish-splash here and there. It has a detachable plastic bar that helps in cleaning it up easily.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Equipped with a powerful 600-Watts motor for blend dominantly
  • The double action blade allows for faster processing of food items
  • Comes with an additional chopper accessory for stress-free cutting
  • Offers a soft-touch grip and buttons easy maneuvering and handling
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty or after-sales service

Philips HR1351-C 250-Watt Blender

Want a chic and contemporary hand blender to match the overall ambience of your modular kitchen? The Philips HR1351-C does exactly the same since it is an immersive kind of hand blender that has a smooth, ergonomically curved design for supreme functioning ease. The HR1351-C hand blender provides you with the liberty to whisk, blend, mix, aerate, and whip right inside the beaker or vessel. With the 250W motor, this hand blender is suitable for use at home as it delivers the required power. It has been equipped with a stainless steel blade for durability and amazing performance.

Check Price On Amazon

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers only a single operation speed to process any food item
  • Comprises of an additional chopper accessory for slicing veggies
  • Comes with a detachable blending bar to offer easier cleaning
  • Provides a beaker together with a lid to store soups and purees
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Personal Recommendation

We suppose that with the summer heat at its peak and the beginning of the summer vacations, having a hand blender might come in pretty handy so that you may serve your kids with healthy homemade drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, soups, and more. After going through our comprehensive hand blender reviews, we suppose that it is going to be real easy for our user to select the Best Philips Hand Blender according to their budget and requirement.

Check Price On Amazon

However, in case there are a few customers who are still not confident enough about which hand blender they must choose to buy, they should go with our personally suggested product to get the best performance that too at a pretty reasonable price. The Philips Hand Blender that we are going to recommend to our customers is the Philips Daily Collection HR1600-00 550-Watt Hand Blender, which has been equipped with the 550-watts motor and comes along with a 0.5-Liter beaker.

To facilitate easy cleaning of the unit, the blender comes with a 2-button releasing system to detach the blending bar. With the patented ProMix technology, the hand blender delivers both consistent and quicker blending performance. So, buy this quality blender from Philips since we are pretty certain that you would not regret buying this product for even a single second.

Philips Hand Blender – Buying Guide

The hand blenders that are available on the market are appropriate for both blending and mixing the smaller bunches of food items like veggies, fruits, or eggs inside beaker or bowls, eliminating lumps out of batter and soups, beating creams, whipping butter, preparing suave purees of those semi-solid elements, like the boiled or fried veggies. Some of the hand blenders are coupled up with the chopping jars and some additional accessories which further augment their value or worth. There are both corded as well as cordless options available as far as the hand blenders are concerned.

Therefore, if you love consuming smoothies or milkshakes pretty often, mix smaller portions of cake batter, or just perform mixing of ingredients, buying a hand blender should be a necessity.

What are the Aspects to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Hand Blender?

It completely relies on what kinds of blender you need to have in your kitchen, but there are a few other significant features in addition that you should consider whilst searching for an ideal blender to use in your kitchen:

The hand blender that you are going to buy for your kitchen should provide you with ample power to match your food preparation necessities. For whipping and mixing, the hand blender equipped with a 250-300W motor is going to be adequate but if one wants to crush ice the motor needs to have a power of at least 500W. Within India you might be able to catch decent-quality blenders offering a dominant 600W DC motor such as that of Philips.

Stainless Steel Blade

The hand blender or stick blenders that are equipped with the stainless steel blades provide you with a dominant blending and whipping performance. These blades are even effective in crushing ice so that you get amazingly chilled beverages at home.

Variable Speed Control

When you are blending or whipping the desired food products, to get the best results, the speed of the blender is a really important aspect. With the variable speed control, you will be able to regulate the speed according to the texture of the puree or batter you need for the preparation.

Detachable Blade Assembly

All the hand blenders that comprise of a detachable blade assembly or blending bar are pretty easy to clean and hence are really easy to store inside your kitchen cabinet.

Easy Locking System

The blenders that comprise of an easy locking system are pretty easy to use and maneuver.

Slim & Compact Design

The buyer must opt for a hand blender that sports a slim and compact design that fits in really well in the hand. Further, the position of the buttons should be such that they are easily accessible.


Comprising of an additional chopper, beaker, and other sorts of accessories such as a whisker or the rubber mat for superior grip is going to further add to the value of the hand blender.

Easy Soft Grip

The hand blender that comes with a comfortable grip facilitates easy usage as well as safety during operation.


You always need to make sure that you have a look at the time period of warranty provided by the manufacturer. You must not opt to purchase any hand blender that has been covered by less or no warranty. You must be pretty clear about the fact that what all does that warranty cover such as motor damage, blade change, damage of minor parts, etc.

Select a Reliable Brand

You must always choose a brand that you have trust in. There are probabilities that if had bought an appliance from that particular brand and it attends you appropriately, your hand blender is possibly going to live up to its reputation.

So, these we are few things or aspects that you need to take care of before purchasing a hand blender for your kitchen so that you get the finest purees, soups, batters, and smoothies.

The 10 Best Ice Cream Maker Machines in India 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The summer vacations are here and the kids are going to be at home for the major part of the day. Therefore, conforming to their eating requirements and desires is going to be a really tough task for the homemakers. These days, the kids are solely on snacks and seldom do they eat proper food or a full-course meal. They just keep on munching those snacks lying down on the bed in awkward orientations whilst watching their favorite cartoon show.

But, the thing that the kids can never say no to is “Ice Cream”. Therefore, today we have aligned the Best Ice Cream Maker to keep that scorching heat away from your kids and provide them with delightful ice creams made at home. The ice creams available in the market might be prepared using some synthetic materials and artificial flavors that might not be that beneficial for your children as the one which has been made using the natural ingredients at home.
So, buy the Best Ice Cream Maker from the ones that we have listed down below and prepare different sorts of ice creams at the comfort of your home devoid of going out in the heat to buy one.

Best Ice Cream Maker To Buy Online

Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Maker Capacity 1.5 liters

For frozen delight when mood strikes this ice cream maker is just what you need. Make healthy and fresh desserts at home which are free from any sort of preservatives. This ice cream maker comes with built-in digital timer that helps the maker to function automatic turn on and off. Build with modern design it has 1.5L capacity which is good enough to delight your whole family at one go. Make delicious dessert items made of Seasonal fruits or other ingredients handpicked by you.  This ice cream maker from Kitchenif comes with 1 year warranty and is most talked about ice cream maker. It comes with one free recipe book.  For better results, it is advised to freeze the ice cream bowl in a double door fridge as single door fridge is not apt for the required temperature to freeze the bowl.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONSAutomatic Digital OperationExpensive to OtherModern design with 1.5 L Capacity1year Warranty    

Kitchenif Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Maker Capacity 1.5 liters

There is nothing sweeter than whipping up your own homemade ice cream. Making an ice cream has never been this easy. It takes less than half an hour to make your favourite dessert from handpicked seasonal and fresh fruits. It super easy to make any dessert in this maker that even your kid can make it.  The large capacity bowl is good enough to fulfil your entire family’s sweet tooth at one go. The best thing about these ice cream makers is that you get to choose your own favourite, fresh and seasonal fruits which make the whole meal healthier and preservative free. Kitchenif is known as for its high quality, durability and trusted products. This ice cream maker is one of their most used products. It comes with more than 2 years of warranty. One free recipe book is also included. It is good for those who’re completely new in the world of ice creams and desserts. Don’t forget to freeze the bowl in a double door refrigerator for about 12-18 hrs. As the single door fridge is not good enough to set the required temperature for freezing the bowl.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONS  Simple and easy to operateExpensive1year Warranty with Free recipe bookModern design 1.5 L Capacity    

Ice cream maker by SPHERE

It may look an antique one but this ice cream maker is well-equipped with a potent electric motor which simply means that there is no more labour-like whipping is needed. This ice cream maker is used for making ice creams, frozen gelatos and is great for picnics or parties at home. The hand crafted solid wood is traditional in look and durable to use. A see-through lid is for easy viewing. The plastic made dishwasher is safe to use and wash. The technical support is also available if there is any query related using this product.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONSEasy to use Technical support availableOut-dated designSee-through lid available Plastic made-easy to use and clean    

Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker, White

This electric ice-cream maker produces up to 1-1/2 quarts and that too in about 20 minutes. It is fairly easy to use. There is no salt or ice required. It chills to desired consistency.  It is designed with a transparent top locks into place for safety and convenient monitoring. The non-stick chamber makes sure quick clean-up; and the instruction booklet with recipes included. It measures 10 by 10 by 15 inches; it comes with 3-year limited warranty.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONS  Produces up to 1-1/2 quarts in about 20 minutesExpensiveChills to desired consistency 3 years WarrantyEasy clean up Manual and recipe book included    

Hamilton Beach 68330R 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker, White

If you’re a professional ice cream maker then this is the perfect pick for you. This ice cream maker from Hamilton Beach comes with 4 quart mixing bowl is large enough to make multiple slots of ice cream in a short span of time. It is fully automatic comes with easy lock measures and safety lid. It is fully automatic. It does all the work itself all you need is to add ingredients.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONS4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream MakerGood for professionals onlyNo stirring neededOver 20 recipes included  

Libra Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yogurt Maker Capacity 0.5 liters

Want to have great results with an inexpensive, smaller capacity machine, which is equipped with built-in handle and is super easy to clean and use try this ice cream maker from Libra. It’s quick and efficient with a powerful motor and can mix up the ice cream in less than 30 minutes. The double insulate bowl and the reverse thermostat mechanism helps to make sure you get delicious ice cream every time. The best feature on the list is the compact design which is good for kitchens with space constraints. It makes up to 0.3 litres of ice cream which is equivalent to six scoops. It is easy separate the upper lid which makes it super easy to clean. Don’t forget to freeze the bowl in a double door refrigerator for about 12-18 hrs. As the single door fridge is not good enough to set the required temperature for freezing the bowl.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONSSimple to use 3 L of ice creamNeed extra careequals to 6 scoopsCompact in size Easy to store    

Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker (White)

This ice cream maker is so simple to use that even your kids can use it and going make their cones and sundaes right in your home. For best results, let the ice cream sit in the machine for a while let say for 20 minutes so that it can firm up. The new mixing paddle makes frozen desserts in 20 minutes or less. It makes the entire process super faster. The large capacity makes up to 1-1/2-quarts. It comes with double insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for ice. It has easy lock transparent lid with large spout makes adding ingredients simple and mess free.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONSSuper-fast comes with new mixing paddleExpensiveDouble insulated freezerEasy lock transparent lid    

Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

Relive your childhood memories with this nostalgia inspired old fashioned ice cream maker that comes with electric motor, dasher, and aluminium canister. This ice cream maker is so simple to use that even your kids can use it and going make their cones and sundaes right in your home. For best results, let the ice cream sit in the machine for a while let say for 20 minutes so that it can firm up.

Check Price On Amazon

PROS & Cons

PROSCONS  4-Quart aluminium canisterExpensiveElectric motor does the churning Recipesinstruction manual Product    

PERFECT SHOPO Yonanas Ice Cream Maker

Want to have great results with an inexpensive, smaller capacity machine, which is equipped with built-in handle and is super easy to clean and use. This ice cream maker is so simple to use that even your kids can use it and going make their cones and sundaes right in your home. For best results, let the ice cream sit in the machine for a while let say for 20 minutes so that it can firm up.

The Top 5 Best Candy Floss Makers in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Going back in the days of our childhood, we remember what fun and joy we had whilst playing with our friends no matter what the time of the day it used to be. Playing our favorite sports either indoors or outdoors and then visiting any friend’s house for breakfast or lunch after we finished. There used to be plenty of local snack outlets, candy shops, ice cream parlors that we used to visit to delight out taste buds as per our desire. But one of our favorite used to be the candy floss or the cotton candy, which we used to have one after the other without any stopping.

So, to get that fun back into your life, today we have reviewed the Best Candy Floss Makers to help you prepare delightful cotton candies or candy floss at the comfort of your home. All the candy floss makers that we have described down below are excellent for birthday parties and pretty easy to use. So, if you have kids at home and they are really fond of candy floss or cotton candy, you should buy a candy floss makers for sure.

Best Candy Floss Makers in India

Moradiya Fresh Cotton Candy Maker

For all the people who are searching for a quality candy floss maker for their house, this fresh cotton candy maker from Moradiya is one the top-quality product available in the market. If you often have kids at home or organize birthday parties for the kids, this candy floss maker will help you serve the purpose in a really handy and easy manner. With this unit, you can keep a check on the preparation process since it comes with transparent lid. The element is easily detachable; hence, it is pretty simple to wash and clean.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comes with a transparent lid for checking the preparation
  • Comprises of a compact design for easier storage in the kitchen
  • Made up of food-grade material; hence safe to prepare items
  • Appropriate to use at home for birthday parties and gatherings
  • Easy to wash and clean since the element is simply detachable

MINI CHEF Cotton Candy Maker

Do you want to purchase a quality cotton candy maker for your kids at home? Here is a top-class 500-watts candy floss maker for your home with which you may make delightful cotton candy or candy floss within minutes. With a compact design, this candy floss maker is really easy to store inside your kitchen cabinets. This unit is really appropriate for the birthday parties and other sorts of gatherings. Since, it is really easy to use, you may prepare plenty of candy floss whenever you want to. In addition, it comprises of a detachable bowl along with the splash guard to facilitate easier cleaning.

Check Price On Amazon

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Simple and compact design to facilitate easier storage
  • Comprises of a transparent cover or lid to keep a check
  • Helps you prepare quality candy floss within a few minutes
  • Easier to clean with the removable bowl and splash guard
  • Allows the usage of both colored and normal type of sugar

HomeFast Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

This is another effortless to use Candy Floss Maker, which permits you to prepare fairground type of candy floss at your house within a few minutes. This unit spins the sugar into clusters of cotton candy after which you solely have to collect the delicious strands on your cotton candy sticks and savor its taste. As the machine heats up, the central head begins to spin, forcing liquid sugar through its tiny perforations. This candy floss machine is really ideal to have for weddings, birthdays, or any other gathering in which you fancy a delicious sweet treat.

Check Price On Amazon

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of a clear rim guard for checking preparation
  • Functions well with the sugar-free hard candy and flossing sugar
  • The unit gets disassembled pretty easily for stress-free cleaning
  • Provides you with a suction cup feet for stable operation
  • Delivers fluffy and delightful candy floss for your kids in minutes

Krevia Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Here comes one more vintage collection or an antique-cart style intention cotton candy maker that is going to look really good on your kitchen counter. As every other candy floss maker, this unit also spins the sugar and prepares delightful candy floss within a few minutes. Owing to its appropriate countertop framing, this candy floss maker is much easy to store in the kitchen cabinets. Owing to the detachable element and other components, cleaning and washing the unit isn’t an issue. Further, you may also crop up some antiquated fun at the upcoming birthday party.

Check Price On Amazon

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Easy to carry from one place to another for preparation
  • Makes it pretty effortless to make carnival-style cotton candy
  • Appropriate to use for the kid’s birthday parties and gatherings
  • Cleaning and washing isn’t an issue with detachable element
  • An antique-cart like design looks really cool on any kitchen counter

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Cotton Candy Maker

If you want to purchase a stylish and glossy candy floss maker for your house, this unit from Nostalgis Electrics is going to match your requirements for sure. This cotton candy maker converts your preferred hard sugar candies into cottony, delightful, and flavorful candy floss. All you need to do is simply put the candies in the unit, plug the unit in, and let the unit turn to make flavorsome candy floss within minutes. In addition, this candy floss maker comes with a splash guard and transparent cover to keep an eye on the overall preparation process of the cotton candy.

Check Price On Amazon

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Converts your favorite hard sugar candy into fluffy candy floss
  • Comes with a sugar scoop, extractor head, and 2 plastic cones
  • Provides a clear rim guard to allow you to watch the preparation
  • The unit gets disassembled easily for stress-free cleaning or washing
  • A perfect machine which can definitely become the life of the party

Personal Recommendation

As the overall review process is now done and dusted, we suppose that it would now become fairly easy for our users to choose the Best candy floss Maker according to their requirements, preference, and budget. We would also like to tell you that every single cotton candy maker on our listing has been made up of food-grade material and is safe to prepare edible items. Further, a candy floss maker would be really nice addition to your kitchen for preparing sweet delights at home with a whole lot of ease.

Check Price On Amazon

However, if there still is any customer who is unable to find a candy floss maker from our review that would conform to their needs and requirements, then they should readily opt to go with our personally suggested product for sure. The candy floss maker that we would recommend our users to buy is the Moradiya Fresh Cotton Candy Maker as it is the best quality product as far as making cotton candy is concerned. This unit is really easy to use and the cleaning process isn’t any issue as the element is detachable.

So, if you want a budget candy floss maker comprising of all the necessary specifications and features, then the Moradiya Fresh Cotton Candy Maker is the best that you may opt to purchase.

Top 5 Faber Chimneys in India to Buy – Best Reviews

In any Indian home, the kitchen is one of the vital places. If you’re truly a foodie or love to cook food then you would assuredly relate. Lately, the concept of the kitchen has gone to a whole new level, from extravagant stove to premium marbles, modular kitchen baskets, modular chimneys and what. Not.  Old-style equipment has been swapped by modern and fast machines, old utensils have been substituted by ultra-modern cutlery but what has not changed is the notion of a chimney.  But not all of us have a chimney in our kitchen.  Well, you must be thinking why only a chimney when you can use a substitute likes exhaust. Let us tell you why? Essentially, chimneys work the same way as an exhaust fan but they work in a more systematized way. An electric chimney sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters which captivate the heat and traps the grease subdivisions thus eliminating fumes and odor and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odor free. Whereas exhaust fan can only draw out the smoke from the kitchen, and no other scums like carbon and food particles, oiliness, heavy complex gaseous, etc. 

Also, Indians are known for their fetish for spicy, greasy food which makes them exclusive from other cultures and backgrounds. But when it comes to kitchen atmosphere, it takes a real good toll on the interiors; nothing can save your interiors better than a kitchen chimney. The kitchen fills up with various fumes whenever we tend to reconnoiter something new in our kitchen and the dust and smokes stacks up to the walls and roofs of the kitchen which is also very hard to clean.

Due to this motive majority of the persons are now selecting for kitchen chimneys which is the kitchen purpose which is a blessing in disguise in keeping our kitchen glittering and chic.

If you’re a cleaning freak then you know a best class chimney hood is all you need to defend against all kinds of odors and vapors while cooking. Meanwhile, the market has changed a lot and since today there is the host of choices to select. In this post, we’re listing the best chimney in India so that it gets easy for you to choice. The list covers all categories of the chimney from traditional too expensive along with great style and looks for your kitchen. These days there are numerous other issues that come inherent air conditioning with cool air features in latest electric chimneys. There are a lot of industrial brands for electric chimneys with a delightful range of features.

Best Faber Kitchen Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney (Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60, Black)

Our top best pick is Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney (Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60, Black) as it’s designed in such a way that reduces the cleaning time which means you get more time to spend with your loved ones. This model is one of the bestselling models available on the market. Reliant on the usage, the bowels of oil accumulator needs to be lapped once a month. No extra effort is requisite for cleaning the oil accumulators. This kitchen chimney improves the look of the entire kitchen due to its graceful and appealing design.

Check Price on Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Warranty: 1 year comprehensive; 12 years on motor and rotor
  • 250 Watt Powerful Motor, to give best 1000 m3/hr suction capacity
  • Beautiful black curved glass look to suit every kitchen
  • 3 layer baffles filter allowing you easy cleaning and better result.
  • Push Buttons operations.
  • LED – 2 x 2 watts

Faber 60 cm 1095 m3/h Hood (HOOD FEEL 3D, Black)

Here comes our second best Chimney from Faber, due to its compact and power packed performance in the kitchen it has gained the second position in the list. If you look both for power and design in a Chimney then this could be your pick. It comes with a touch control, auto clean, baffle filter that incredibly compliments the filter. This product is completely user-friendly made for the creating a good ambiance in the kitchen.

Check Price on Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Faber Kitchen chimney is planned with a commanding 250 watt motor for effectual suction capacity. It makes sure longer sturdiness and lesser noise.
  • Additional, it produces less noise to uphold a calm atmosphere in your kitchen so you can focus on your cooking and conversations without any disturbance.
  • The chimney for the kitchen has a single 3D T2S2 Technology to provide 3-way suction for a smoke-free environment.
  • Moreover, it has LED light combines outstanding light delivery with the low level of energy consumption and minimal heat production.
  • Faber Kitchen chimney comes with electronic touch control with backlight. It is relay base which makes it more accurate in addition to it gives overvoltage guard.

Faber 60 cm 1295 m3/h Hood Tender 3D T2S2 LTW 60 Kitchen Chimneys and Hoods

The unique size, shape, and form of Faber Chimney are good enough to eliminate smoke and bad odor from your kitchen and give you a comfortable space while you are cooking.   The progressive thermal auto clean technology with oil accumulator cup aids you to get rid of oil and gluey atoms with just a soft touch push, following in development of chimney’s functionality.

Check Price on Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • The kitchen chimney has a unique 3D T2S2 Technology to provide 3-way suction for a smoke-free environment. It has the efficient motor of 250 watts.
  • Further, it produces less noise to maintain a calm environment in your kitchen so you can focus on your cooking and conversations without any disturbance.
  • Additionally, it has LED light combines excellent light distribution with the low level of energy consumption and minimal heat emission. 
  • Also, Faber Kitchen chimney comes with electronic touch control as well as with backlight. It is relay base which makes it more accurate and gives overvoltage protection.
  • The product comes with12 years warranty on motor and rotor.

Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney (Hood Ray Plus LTW 60, Steel)

As per the cooking requirements, the Hood Ray Plus Faber Chimney comes with unique 3-speed levels. One can absolutely trust Hindware as one of the best chimney brands in India. The Thermal auto-clean feature of this kitchen chimney is useful in the washing of oil and deposit shaped in the chimney. Therefore, the chimney is washed by just one touch. The suction capability of this kitchen chimney is 1200 m³/hr. A clean, fresh and smoke-free kitchen is upheld by the merger of advanced technology and innovative design of this chimney. The oil and other remains are established inside the baffle by the stainless steel baffle filter. Between the sieves, it only lets the air move easily.

Check Price on Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • The kitchen chimney has an exclusive 3D T2S2 Technology to provide 3-way suction for a smoke-free environment.
  • It is designed with a potent 250 watt motor for efficient suction capacity. This kitchen chimney makes sure longer toughness and lesser noise.
  • Further, it produces less noise to maintain a peaceful environment in your kitchen so you can focus on your cooking and conversations without any disturbance.
  • Moreover, it has LED light cartels outstanding light distribution with the low level of energy consumption and minimal heat emission.

Faber 60 cm 800 m3/h Chimney (Glassy 800 LTW (E), Stainless Steel)

This Chimney is a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and revolutionary design for a smoke-free and healthy kitchen. It is laden with Faber chimneys, concrete performance, and extreme features, adding vivacity to the kitchen. The Max air flow of this kitchen chimney is 800 m3/hr. It gives a contented space for cooking; it eliminates bad odor and smoke from the kitchen. The stainless steel baffle filter is highly competent and is easy to clean.

Check Price on Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Faber kitchen chimney is designed with nice plus beautiful glass chimney. It is the advanced solution for your kitchen with baffle filter which is specially designed for Indian cooking.
  • Baffle filters are made of stainless steel which makes it them tremendously hard-wearing and giving the hood a very professional arrival. Furthermore, Baffle filters can be scoured in the dishwasher or washed by hand. However, Faber chimney price is very low. This is why Faber is kitchen chimney brands.
  • Likewise, this kitchen chimney comes with the powerful suction power of 800m3 hr.

The most significant reason that you need to bear in mind before buying any chimney is the suction power. The price of the chimney largely hinges on upon the suction. The aptitude to empty up to 750 cubic meters an hour will work for an average house. If you want chimneys for larger spaces then you can deliberate these choices as these are one of the best chimneys in India.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Kitchen Chimney At Home

We’re living in the most digitalized era everywhere even our kitchens are turning advanced. Here’s why there is a trend of technology-based advanced kitchen appliances and kitchen chimney is one of the essential tools of the kit. It is most popular kitchen tools that keep your kitchen free from all kind of fumes and smells. If you’re someone who spends few hours of your day into the kitchen then you know what we’re referring here.

If you are here to convert your kitchen into a modular kitchen then does it now as it will offer you a lot of advantages that will make your kitchen not only look sophisticated but it will also help you to cook easily and quickly. It is also a great way to amaze your guests as Modular kitchen designs are always sleek and elegant which will blow them from their minds in no time. An electric chimney the most significant kitchen accessory which makes your modular kitchen comprehensive and helps you to cook your meals at a faster pace while keeping your kitchen clean.

There is a whole list of advantages which you will enjoy if you are the proud owner of one of the best Kitchen Chimney on the market. Here are the benefits:

  • Makes the walls of your kitchen look clean and Spotless

One will find that short of the use of this kitchen tool very soon the walls of the kitchen starts to look dull and quite tacky as a matter of fact with loads of spots on them. This mainly happens due to the same reason as above which is the smolder and the vapors which get out from your cooking and sticks to the wall making it along with the roof look gloomy within a few weeks.

  • No unwanted smell

Due to the stout suction aptitude of modular Chimneys, it enables the exclusion of any kind of smell though cooking and keeps your home free from any aroma. Many times when we cook something about the smell of the constituents and the raw products smells a lot and makes it very hard for people to sit tranquil with an exasperating odor all around them. This particular point will be taken care of by electric chimney in a tick of a switch.

  • Saves you from sneezing

India is a land of exotic spices and due to this reason when we cook any food we incline to give a lot of spices which has a very strong fragrance. This aroma of few actual spices such as red chilies or pepper makes you sneeze a lot of time though it is being given to a particular dish during its preparation time. Once more, with the help of kitchen Chimneys which can directly suck the potent aromas promptly, you will be reassured from sneeze/ irritability quite a few numbers of times.

  • It has an aesthetic appeal

Apart from all the advantages given above of kitchen Chimneys, it also makes your kitchen look slaying and pleas to its appealing inclinations. The look and feel of your kitchen will change hugely after the installation of the kitchen chimney.

In the following paragraphs, you will find all the information you need to make the decision based on essential aspects.

The suction power of kitchen chimney

The suction capacity of kitchen chimneys differs from one side to another. For a one to three rooms, home the suction power of the chimney must be 500 m³ to 650 m³ per hour. The suction power of a Kitchen Chimney for a home larger than 3 rooms should be anyplace between 650m³ to 1000 m³ per hour.

Kitchen Chimney Filters

Selecting the right sieve for your kitchen chimney is of greatest position as if the filter is incapable to function in a proper way then the suction power of the chimney develops weak and poor which can also need to a health danger.

Motor power or blower capacity of a kitchen chimney

Before buying the best kitchen chimney from a famous brand you must keep in mind that the motor of the chimney should be totally filled so as to abstain dust elements from entering into it. Selecting a Chimney which has a protected aluminum blower along with motor will save you a lot of time in repairing regularly of the internal Chimney parts.

Size of Chimney

As we mentioned before the size of a kitchen chimney varies from one model to another and you must know which model is ideal for your kitchen properly before purchasing. A 3 feet long kitchen chimney is required for a stove which is 3 feet long. The normal standard size of kitchen chimneys is either 2 feet or 3 feet.